My name is Quincey and I decided to create a men’s fashion blog called “The Q-Man Style” standing for anything that intrigues me pertaining to men’s fashion and what goes hand in hand with fashion; for example music, movies, books, art, people etc. Growing up in a household full of woman, eight to be exact, my mother and seven sisters, seven of whom are very interested and intrigued by certain aspects of fashion. My Mother Ahenata who is a very talented dressmaker/seamstress. Then there are my sisters starting with the oldest Yvette who is interested in the video and photography side of fashion; Judy who’s an aspiring fashion designer; Rikki (who people say should be a model) being interested in the hair and beauty side of fashion plus buying and wearing fashion especially shoe’s; Jamie who like me shares a common interest in street wear fashion especially korean street wear; Caitlyn (who I think should be a model) for at the moment loves the eclectic and indie style side of fashion; Elysha who at the age of eleven brought her very first pair of heels, by herself might I add and is now starting her shoe obsession from whom I think is all thanks to Rikki. Then theirs the non fashion one’s being my Dad  who I am named after whose style and fashion choices are based on what my mother says and buys because lets face it if he was to dress himself or others they wouldn’t be walking around so people could see them that’s for sure, and  the youngest who’s also named after my Mother is to busy playing with sticks to be interested with fashion at the moment. But I guess you can say that I have grown up with fashion in some way or another all thanks to my Mother’s influence and talents in fashion and design.