‘Oh Mercy’

Back in the day (2006-ish), Oh Mercy was the brainchild of Alex Gow and Tom Savage and they captured hearts with their debut album ‘Privileged Woes’. Nowadays it’s just Alex leading the pack (Simon Okely, Eliza Lam and Rohan Sforcina) but their trademark moody pop, tinged with country elements are some what gone. After stints in the UK, US and a brilliant sophomore album ‘Great Barrier Grief’ Oh Mercy are back with their latest single ‘Drums’ taken from their fourth coming third album ‘Deep Heat’ which was released on August  the 24, and its safe to say that they are onto a winner with their new-found sound and latest single (which I love), so make sure to check them out and show support by purchasing their music, and if you live in Australia ‘Oh Mercy’ will be touring around the country in september/october later this year, so head over to their website for more info and dates (links below). 

Drums (Music Video)


Official Website: Oh Mercy