Bow Chica Wow Wow #4

Born on March 29, 1979 in Busan, South Korea, the beautiful Park Si-Yeon is a South Korean actress and model. Having competed in the Miss Seoul beauty pageant and placing 3rd and also the national Miss Korea beauty pageant and placing 2nd, this beauty made her acting debut in china acting in a couple of tv dramas before returning to her native country to make herself known as an actress/model. with a countless amount of commercials, magazine covers, fashion editorials and fashion shows to her modelling career, her acting career is just as strong, with 13 tv dramas, one tv movie, five movies under her belt and another movie “The Sent” and tv drama “Nice Guy” just around the corner, Park Si-Yeon has no intention of slowing down, and with beauty, brains and talent, why should she…. I mean look at her. 

Park Si-Yeon was reacently featured in the October issue of ‘Marie Claire Korea’ for the photo shoot, “Dramatic Temptation“, giving us a classic look with a touch of sexy allure.


Official Website: Marie Claire Korea